John Faulkner is a musician and singer / song writer. His music is multi-faceted and based on his knowledge of the Celtic tradition. His deep interest in ethnic music of all kinds eventually drew him to the strong living tradition of music in Ireland.

Although ancestrally from Dublin and Kildare, he has lived in the west of Ireland for many years, and being in close proximity to many of the finest singers and musicians of that area, he has learned at first hand the essence of that music.


As a working musician he has toured extensively throughout the world, in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, the Far East and Australia. As well as being a solo performer he has worked for many years with Dolores Keane as a duet co-performer and as musical director and arranger for her band.

He has also shared the stage with many other musicians in the Irish scene, most notably Kevin Burke, Arty McGlynn, Nolaig Casey and De Dannan. His recording career to date consists of appearances on fifteen albums, four of which he produced, two of which he co-produced and two of which are solo albums.

Achieve IT - September 2005